Human Trafficking And The State Courts Collaborative Project Essay

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Gwinnett County is one of the Southeast’s most diverse counties and the highest illegal immigrant population in Georgia (Sharpe, 2015). Just a short drive down Buford Highway you will pass a multitude of signage that changes languages with every shopping center. The 2013 GA fact sheet says “Atlanta has the highest number of trafficked Hispanic females in the nation.” ("Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative Project," 2013). In the same area the Georgia Bureau of Investigations 2014 study states that “the majority of human trafficking victims identified in this study were domestically trafficked” ("Human Trafficking in Georgia: A Survey of Law Enforcement," 2014). Both runaways and Hispanic females often lack the support system of family and friends, and once approached by someone who seems trustworthy they fall into the trap. Traffickers make the victims believe that they must perform sexual acts in order to repay them a debt that never ends.
Another social aspect of the causes could be due to psychological issues such as pedophilia, sociopath, and psychopaths. In some cases this may be, but I have yet to find actual evidence to back this up. Studies and questionnaires seem to lead to the conclusion, the demand for prostitutes are likely due to the fact that sex is one of the major human motivators. Services are most likely purchased because of sexual desire, without having the expenses and emotional baggage a real relationship brings ("Why Ask 'Why Men Buy…

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