Human Sexuality Essay

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Why use of contraception in accordance with your needs is associate with physical and mental well-being throughout the lifespan. Although the argument can be made that people are never truly ready to have children, it is clear that timing is everything for humans when it comes to reproduction. Unplanned teen pregnancies create a vicious cycle of welfare motherhood that is difficult to break unless contraception is used to prevent these pregnancies in the first place. Using contraceptives responsibly can clearly contribute to the mental well-being of single young people who enjoy sex but do not want the lifelong responsibility of children yet. It is reasonable to suggest that a single young mother with three or four screaming babies and …show more content…
Taken together, these issues indicate that the fluidity of human sexuality requires an understanding of what motivates people to pursue relationships with others and how these relationships can contribute to improved physical and mental well-being.
Why having current information on sexually transmitted diseases is associated with physical and mental well-being throughout the lifespan. From a strictly pragmatic perspective, people die from sexually transmitted diseases every day, making the connection between having current information on sexually transmitted diseases and physical well-being apparent. From a mental well-being perspective, though, the connection is more nebulous and can manifest along the entire continuum of individual responses to engaging in unsafe behaviors. For instance, it can be difficult to sleep at night when people are worrying if they have acquired AIDS or another sexually transmitted disease through unprotected sex or other risky behaviors such as sharing a needle for drug injections. Because a wide range of mental health problems are a documented comorbidity of physical diseases, it is therefore important to prevent these outcomes from occurring in the first place. Simple and cost-effective preventive steps such as condoms that can help people avoid sexually transmitted diseases represent the front-line of defense in promoting an enhanced sense of physical and mental well-being, but some people still either

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