Human Rights Issue : Infanticide Essay

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Human Rights Issue: Infanticide
The Right to Life of Children is directly violated in infanticide. Females were and still are the more preferred targets. There have been cases against female infanticide still today. Multiple reasons as to why these kinds of cruelty against children are legal have been given. Evidence for multiple familiar places has been found.
"Infanticide is the act of deliberately causing the death of a very hound child (under 1 year old)." This was a worldwide practice performed in many societies and permitted by different cultures. Even with infanticide still being performed, it’s still considered to be an unethical crime towards children. Children weren 't necessarily considered as human beings in some cultures until they went through a ceremony. Name giving and haircut ceremonies were the very few ways children were seen as human beings and were considered safe against infanticide. If a child was killed after a ceremony it was seen as a homicide.
Direct and indirect are two types of infanticide performed on children to result in its death. Direct, or also known as an active infanticide, is to preform physical acts that purposely kills the newborn. These acts consist of starvation, drowning, head injuries, suffocation and dehydration. Drowning was considered the most common act because parents claim it to be quick, inexpensive and it blurs the cry of the infant. Indirect, also referred to as a passive infanticide, is performed by careless parenting…

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