Human Rights And The Rights Essay

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Human beings have a number of rights in this world, from the right to vote, to the right to have an education; but this doesn’t mean that everyone has the same access to these rights, nor are everyone’s rights as equal as they are professed to be. Human rights are meant to protect people from abuse and oppression, with human right workers being on the front line fighting to protect vulnerable populations from oppression. This however is not separate from the work of a social worker, who must implement and deal with the impacts of the rights on individuals; one profession fights on the political front the other fights often one person at a time. While there is a split between the two practices, human rights and social work go hand in hand. This is seen by social workers being at the forefront of protecting the rights and helping to implement these rights, therefore social workers should be aware of common human rights. The essay will begin with a critical discussion on the development and definition of the three generations of human rights and their limitations along with the implication that it has on social work. It will then look at the human rights based approach and what it means for social work.

At the end of the Second World War, the United Nations set itself the task in relation to human rights to determine a common standard for all nations and individuals, as well as establish a supervising body to monitor these standards and ensure their protections. Vasak (1977)…

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