Human Resource Management, And Violation Of Legal Perspectives On Compensation

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The key issues in this case are lack of human resource management, and violation of legal perspectives on compensation. Human resource management “is the comprehensive set of managerial activities and tasks concerned with developing and maintaining a qualified workforce--- human resources--- in ways that contribute to organizational effectiveness” (Denisi, Griffin, 2016). Recognizing the significance and effect human resource management can have in an organization is vital; in this particular case, the lack of HRM is one of the key issues that is recognizable from a management standpoint. In addition to the lack of human resource management, the violation of legal perspectives on compensation is another key issue in this case. From Jeffrey Allen working extra hours in the evening through answering emails and text messages, to former RadioShack manager Omar Belazi staying late to clean the store’s restrooms and vacuum the floor, both of these individuals had the right to collect overtime. Whether the motion is direct or indirect, to work extra hours these individuals need to be paid for their time. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, a work week in the United States is considered 40 hours per week. Any work beyond the 40 hours is considered overtime with a pay rate of one and a half times the individual’s normal hourly wages. Because these individuals were only paid for their logged hours, rather than the true amount of work put forth, their cases were…

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