Essay on Human Nature And Its Effects On Society

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When people think of Hitler, they think of the most hate-filled man in history. When people think of the French Revolution, they think of a crazed boycott of the Palace of Versailles. When people think of all the negativity in history, it is derived from some sort of external source. This external source is the corruption of society. Many have witnessed the severities of the tyrants of history, and often jump to the conclusion humanity is simply evil, however, many disregard the factors that play into the formation of such hate-filled monsters. The severities of such hate-filled tyrants will continue to occur, unless we do something about society. Although human nature is naturally good due to the standards society sets for individuals, it is human nature that is corrupted by its environment.
From the beginning of time, negativity has permeated society, transforming the purest of people into hate-filled savages. Hitler, regarded for his infamy in the decimation of the jewish populace in Germany, was actually once a good person. Due to the harsh environment he was raised in, negativity began to fill his body, evolving him into a time bomb waiting to set off. Hitler used his failure to be accepted to Vienna as a way to ward his hatred towards the Jews. From this point, Hitler began to become more hate-filled, with the continual hatred towards the Jewish people. The loss of Germany from World War I provided Hitler with the perfect way to persecute the Jewish people on a larger…

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