Human Nature And Innate Potentials Essay

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It would be inadequate to assume that human nature amounts simply to a set of innate potentials, and as such; that behavioural traits are derived from Innate Potentials alone. Human nature is subject to innate potentials as well as environmental and cultural Inputs. Human Nature, which is, denoting something that all human beings share, is predominantly hereditary, and found to be a result of human evolution, as such, it has been traditionally related to the idea of universality, which is the theory that universal facts can be discovered.

Due to the complexity of human nature, it is logical that it is made up of various different aspects, including environmental and cultural Input as well as innate potentials. This is because hereditary genetics shape the human species. However, genetics on their own can not directly interact with things such as human environments, meaning, that cultural Input such as that derived from evolution within specific environments, (enforced by the common Socialisation of young children), is also responsible for human nature in regard to Acquired (not innate) potentials.

The term, ‘in the DNA’ or ‘in the genes’ has come to replace more traditional phrases such as ‘in the blood’, nevertheless it has not, changed the traditional belief that Innate Potentials are caused by Genes, while Acquired ones are caused by the Environment or other such cultural influences. However, although Genetics help to shape every trait, it would be misguided to claim…

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