Human Moral Recognition Of The United States Essay

2013 Words Dec 16th, 2016 9 Pages
The customs and traditions from the beginning of human moral recognition have dictated that any individual who behaves unethically, should be punished. As a result of such traditions many forms of discipline have come about, some of which have departed from modern society, some still being used today. The most prominent form of punishment is currently detention, and most often in government owned facility. Although a portion of the Obama administration has focused on the rights of convicts, Congress has delayed relaying basic citizen rights to these individuals. The treatment of prisoners, in detention centers, is normally frowned upon by the general population. These detention centers have varying types of punishment, and one of these forms is solitary confinement. While this treatment is not used very often, it is oftentimes used too much. Solitary confinement is used to punish inmates who have caused some sort of ruckus in the institution. It is also regularly used to protect an individual inside the cell from being maltreated by other inmates, or to safeguard the lives of inmates on the outside from being harmed by the prisoner on the inside. Regardless of how this form of punishment is used within this offending population, a minority of juvenile delinquents are penalized or guarded by this confinement. Such confinement can cause irreparable harm to the individual contained in the cell. That damage can be mental, can affect any future growth beyond the prison system,…

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