Human Manipulation Through Genetic Transfer Essay

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- Humans manipulate the genetic code in the DNA for a number of reasons
- The first is to ensure the survivability of future generations of the human population and that they are healthy and benefit the population. Therefore, minimising the risk of passing on faulty alleles to future generations that causes genetically caused diseases such as cystic fibrosis. Having genetically cause diseases leads to a low life expectancy, increased health issues in the population which could be increased if the amount of faulty alleles were to increase in the population naturally and the number of beneficial alleles were to decrease in the gene pool without any interference by humans and it will not beneficial to the population, therefore is why human manipulation through genetic transfer is used in humans.
- It is also so that the evolution and survival rate of the population is increased. The is because the mutation causing the genetic disease will be decreased due to human manipulation and so mean that the more beneficial alleles are selected for in the population and so a smaller proportion of the population will have the genetic disease, therefore the population has a higher life expectancy because they will be more likely be able to receive the more beneficial alleles in the population and not get any genetic disease.
- The genetic biodiversity of the population will also be impacted with the more beneficial alleles being selected, therefore increasing the amount of them in the gene…

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