Human Language Is The Development Of Slang Essay

1665 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
One of the most fascinating aspects of human language is the development of slang: expressions that people take from standard English (or whatever native language) and completely change the meaning of to signify something completely different! These words and phrases are essentially inevitable to encounter when living in a dynamic social society; it’s easy to assume that the vast majority of Americans have heard such words as “cool” when referring to something as interesting, or the phrase “hanging out” used to mean spending time with one another. A few words have come up just over the past five to ten years that sparked my curiosity; my main question being, “What do certain slang words mean to people of different age groups?” While most slang terms are taken from words with more “formal” meaning, I’ve noticed that new meanings are being applied to words that are already slang. The words and phrases I decided to choose for my study are “dead”, “low key”, “finesse”, “lit”, and “fam”; I predicted that with each of these words, although a diverse spread of people use these terms, each age group uses them to express different things. These words were chosen because I have personally seen these used a lot in my environment over the past few years; although typically younger people (those under the age of 25) are seen using these the most, I have seen older people try to incorporate some of these terms into everyday speech. I also guessed that with more modern slang, younger…

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