Human Growth And Development : The Socialization Process Essay

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Human Growth and Development

The socialization process describes how children develop into adults by developing their sense of self, language skills, and intelligence. These processes are considered successful when children learn the social behaviors, attitudes, and values that are the norms for their particular cultures.
Growing up in Sierra Leone on a farm, what seems different to Western society is a wonderful life to a child born in Africa. Children largely learn these behaviors from their parents and other adults in their lives as well as from their peers, social institutions such as schools, and the media. Jean Piaget 's work on cognitive development influenced how cognitive psychology has researched and understood how children make sense of and reason about the world. However, while cognitive psychology has somewhat shifted from Piaget 's work and indeed from the study of "meaning" toward a more biologically inflected understanding of development that takes account of evolutionary change (Bjorkland, 1997), his influence on theories of moral reasoning and how children learn about the world and their place in it remains strong.

Growth and development of a child from conception to adulthood is a broad and unique experience for every individual. Conception began when a father 's sperm fertilized the mother 's egg. Mother carried me for the entire duration of the gestational period, and thus I was born. For example, to have been born in another country tends to…

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