Essay on Human Evolution Of Human Beings

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The reason humans are an excellent species is we can control our own destiny. Also, we have advanced sciences and technologies to protect ourselves.We can use and control nature to feed our own. Some scientists think that the evolution of human beings has been stopped. But this is not the truth. The evolution of the human species does not stop. Human is a new species evolved by chimpanzee.Then, a series of unique mutations were carried out from human. Thus, these mutations form the unique characteristic of human beings. Because each gene of human is not totally same. So the genes of human beings will cause different characteristics and mutations from some elements.(Such as the colors of eyes and hairs.) But evolution does not have rules but random. The occurrence of evolution is determined by the time and the size of the population. Every year has a large number of population migration, which also leads to a very high probability of gene exchange and mixing. Although human evolution is produced in different groups and in different ways, most of the genes of our ancestry still remain in our bodies. We humans will continue to evolve, but we have always maintained a common. The first example of human evolution mentioned in the article is discovered from anatomy. Ten thousand years ago, human teeth were 10% higher than we moderns. But because our ancestors began to eat cooked food that is soft and do not need to much chew. So in the process of human evolution, the human…

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