Human Dependence Of Fossil Fuels Essay

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I. Introduction Over the years, it has been observed that the temperature of the earth has been getting warmer and warmer. Many would simply shrug this off as fluctuations in the weather, but this has been proven to not be the case. This increase in temperature has been determined to be caused by excess amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide traps sunlight in the atmosphere which makes the earth warmer. The excess amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is a serious issue that causes global warming. Three solutions have been brought up to solve this problem and they include, decreasing human dependence of fossil fuels, using more renewable resources, and utilizing the process of carbon sequestration.
II. The Problem Throughout the years humans have been burning fossil fuels to produce energy that is used on a daily bases. It has been determined that burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which warms up the earth (Guenhee, et al 760). The earth is warmed up because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and it contributes to the greenhouse effect. This increase in temperature can have many adverse consequences. The two of the main effects are increased periods of drought and increased flooding. These two effects along with many others are grouped under a term called global warming or climate change. Global warming due to rising carbon dioxide emissions effects humans, plants, and animals including future generations.…

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