Human Brain And Its Effects On The Human Body Essay examples

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You might say living is something we are obligated to do. A gift we are given by our parents. A blessing in which we need to be grateful for. Well, not everything in life is easy to say the least. People in our world fight day by day to survive. I am sure you have realized by now, it is extremely easy to give up. But what keeps us going? What signals our brain to gain endurance to not give up hope? The human brain is not only one of the most crucial organs in the human body, but it is also one of the most complex. Our brain has the ability to motivate us through situations we would never think we could possible get through, nonetheless encounter. We as people are usually connected to similar stimuli as any animal. Symptoms such as hunger, thirst, asphyxiation, fear, and exhaustion are physical characteristics in which cause instinctive physical and mental reactions(The Attitude of Survival). Most of these reactions are utterly unpleasant, and people avoid the stimuli that cause them, or, if they 're unavoidable, take actions to reduce them. In majority of cases, the reactions in which you have seen tend be good in that they tell you you 're in a situation that could result in serious injury or death. There is not a specific criteria in which a person has to be able to be triggered into survival mode. We are all born with a stimuli which causes us to do anything and everything in which is virtually possible to survive life and death situations. Unless we give up. The fight…

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