Human Bone Reparation

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One body part most people don’t classify as organs are bones. Bones grow and develop throughout a human’s entire life. In that time, bones can fracture and break. After a fracture, a bone repairs itself through a process similar to that involved in its formation. Our understanding of this healing process has evolved over time through extensive research, some of which has led to surprising discoveries. For example, bones have been found to be one of few tissues that can repair itself without forming scars (Marsell and Einhorn 2011). In this paper, we will discuss the process of human bone reparation and recent advances in this field, specifically about bone grafts and stem cell research. Bone reparation begins with a fracture of the osseous …show more content…
Medical advances including bone grafts and the alternative use of stem cells have improved the effectiveness of the natural process. Even though the process of bone reparation is efficient and effective, the conditions for healing bones aren’t always perfect. Many factors can lead to a bone not healing correctly such as infection, poor blood flow, and malnutrition. To overcome those factors, bone grafts have been implemented. A bone graft is material made of osseous tissue that is placed in a bone to facilitate and encourage regeneration when subpar conditions exist (Roberts and Rosenbaum 2012). Bone grafts are derived from a variety of sources, including the patient itself, human cadavers, and synthetic substitutes (Roberts and Rosenbaum 2012). With the creation and innovations of bone grafts, complex fractures can be healed and the medical possibilities expand, even into areas such as bone-related defects. One example which involved the use of bone grafts is a study on the treatment of mandibular continuity defects after tumor resection. In this case, bone grafts were implanted in 31 patients suffering from this defect and were found to be a reliable treatment option for future patients (Mertens et al.

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