Human Behavior And The Human Brain Essay

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The basis for all psychological studies and research all stems from the biology of human behaviour and specifically the human brain. This is because the human brain creates and controls every single example of human behaviour imaginable and that by studying the brain, we may gain a specific insight into how behaviour is created, where and why. Some of the most pioneering and revealing research studies in the area of the human brain, specifically the study of both the right and left hemispheres was conducted by Roger W. Sperry who is widely considered the father of this field, and Michael Gazzaniga. It is their specific research into patients who have had their Corpus Callosum removed, due to their suffering constant seizures, and how this severation effected each of the both hemispheres and the person in general. In other words, the two men wanted to explore and examine the extent to which both halves of the human brain were able to function independently of one another and also to see what specific abilities were attributed to a specific hemisphere.

Sperry and Gazzaniga developed various tests a wide range of various mental and percepable abilities of the patients who had their Corpus Callosum severed in order to see what either hemisphere was capable of doing. These tests were based on showing a specific object either to the left hemisphere or on the right and seeing if the patients were able to identify these objects. Another test was touch, where each patient was given…

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