Essay on Human Animals : Human Animal Interactions

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Human-Animal Interactions in Appalachia
Animals are one of the top factors influencing human behavior outside of other non-human animals. The interactions that occur between people and non-human animals, particularly in the Appalachian region, has led to profound changes both on the local community. The most significant interaction to take place and has influenced the area drastically is domestication. Four types of domestication at the forefront of Appalachian culture are livestock, blood-sports, pet keeping, and animal’s prevalence in oral folklore. The introduction of domestication previous to and after the Neolithic Revolution has harbored new relationships between humans and animals that have altered the mountain face, culture, and economy of the Appalachian region.
The most prevalent human-animal interaction to be observed and widely practiced in the Appalachian Mountains is the keeping of domesticated animals. The region was widely used as hunting and gathering land previous to colonial expansion. Animals were not domesticated by Native Americans their animism, or the belief that all organisms and inanimate objects possess a soul (“Constructing Animals”). It was not until the Neolithic Revolution reached the Appalachians that sustainable agriculture became a standard way to obtain food. In doing so domesticated animals, particularly livestock, became common in the mountains. Hogs cattle, and chickens were kept on farms to allow for easier access to meat, dairy, and…

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