Human And Natural Resources For Agriculture Essay

1202 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 5 Pages
About 38 percent of the world total lands are using by human for agriculture. It seems like not a problem today. As a prediction, the human population will increase up to 8.6 billion for the next 50 years (Despommier, 2014). For this reason, we will need more lands and more nature resources to fulfill our demand of foods. As a prediction, people will need an additional 109 hectares of land for feed all the people (Despommier, 2014). As the population increase, human requires more and more land. This demand of land by the human will eventually wide out other species. On top of that, human only focus more on monoculture agriculture that is the fact leads world to be lack of diversity of plants and animals (Despommier, 2014). Without any alternation solution for this problem, the quantity of rich soils and natural resources will not available enough for human to use in future and human population will wide out other species. The social will become chaos and human race will fight each other for natural resources. For this reason, people have come up with the new concept that starts expend vertically instead of horizontally. It means we will start farm in tall skyscrapers to prevent human to use more lands. This new concept is known as Vertical farm. This new method of farming has a lot of advantages and also help to reduce pollution by changing the way human use land for agriculture. More importantly, Vertical farm will have Vertical farm can be described as Controlled…

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