Essay Hum 112 Surprise Ending

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Surprise Ending

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HUM 112 January 22, 2015

This paper is going to lay out one of Jonathon Swift’s famous works titled “A Modest Proposal” which mainly tackled protecting children of poor people of Irish from the rich peopleof England. Jonathon aimed at safeguarding the children from being a burden to their parents and the entire country instead they become useful to the society. He wanted to reduce the population of the suffering children because their parents were unable to cater for their basic requirements. Jonathan proposed an ironical attempt that would provide a fair way of making the children useful. This paper will be able to show how Jonathon Proposal had a surprise ending.
Jonathan uses economic
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Through artwork, culture has been restored for a long time. This has paved ways for new innovations. Artwork symbolized individual’s spiritual lives, talents, and practices. Culture helped individuals live with an identity. Some of the historical changes associated with culture, social and artistic values include economic expansion through improved trade, cities expansion, agricultural innovations, education and other activities.
For individuals to understand the presence, it is essential to have a transparent understanding of the past. Historical values have been restored for centuries with the aim of assisting people understand their origin, culture and practices. Artwork offers the most suitable interpretation and analysis of the human condition. Global transformations in terms of art and culture have been witnessed as a result of proper understanding of historical memories of a society. Understanding the mood, time, condition and attitude when an event occurred in a community greatly contributes in the shaping of the culture and memories. It helps society transform towards the direction that attributes and inherit culture and art (Adorno, 2001). It is because of the bygone memories of art and culture that the modern media, fashion, literature, films, architecture and music were invented.
Social, cultural and artistic expressions are influenced with various factors which include intellectual, religious political and socio-economic. Over the years,

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