Huck Finn And Pap's Relationship

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When Huckleberry Finn is taken by his alcoholic, abusive father, he is sent to live with a Widow, and her sister, Miss. Watson. They strived to instill a faith in Huck, "sivilise" him, and educate him. Huck’s best friend is a boy name Tom Sawyer. Tom, Huck, and a few buddies, all instituted a gang entitled "Tom Sawyer 's Gang". Their purpose was to go around looting people. The closest thing they ever got was raiding a family picnic. Soon after, the gang was disbanded. In St. Petersburg, Huck and Tom also meet Jim, one of the Miss. Watson’s slaves.
When Pap captures Huck and takes him back to his cabin, Pap begins to abuse Huck just like how he used to. The Widow knew something was awry and sent a man to take Huck back. Pap ran this man off with a gun, and Huck is not rescued. Pap’s drinking problem eventually became worse, which meant his beatings became more habitual. Eventually, Huck decides he has had enough, and runs away. He fabricates his death by slaughtering a pig, and smearing the blood and gore everywhere.
Jackson 's Island is the third stop in Huck 's journey. While he is on the island, a steamboat fires it 's horn, and Huck immediately
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With Huck in the canoe, and Jim on the raft they separated in the fog. Huck tried to paddle his way back to Jim 's raft, but it was laborious trying to paddle upstream. Soon enough, Huck lost his sense of direction, and pulled up on the bank of the river, and takes a nap. When he wakes up, the sky is clear and he is reunited with Jim. Huck tries to convince Jim that he dreamed about the whole entire separation, but Jim later catches on and feels as if Huck deceived him. Huck and Jim continue on their way to Cairo, but later find out that they had passed by Cairo in the fog, and it will be impractical to turn back because of the river current. A steamboat comes by almost hitting Huck and Jim. The duo jump off the raft just in time, but are separated

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