Collisions In Huckleberry Finn

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In the novel written by Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn, there were many roadblocks that the characters, Jim, the slave, and Huckleberry Finn, the boy who wants freedom, collided into. In the many adventures that the two characters venture on, there tends to be a rather giant obstacle that collided them into situations, such as robbers, hiding, and even the hunt for freedom and independence. These collisions provided an influential lesson that taught Huckleberry Finn about morals and beliefs.
One of these collisions happened in the middle of the story, when Huck’s pride and morals were tested through the aftermath, where a great fog causing Jim and Huck to be separated, though they managed to find each other, with one less raft. Afterwards, Huck
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Huck decided to venture onto the steamboat as an adventure, even though it was against Jim’s will. He then hid, and luckily overheard their plan on how they were going to kill the third robber before he can rat them. However, one of the other robbers persuaded the other robber to let the “snitch” drown with the boat. "Well, my idea is this... I 'm unfavorable to killin ' a man as long as you can git aroun ' it; it ain 't good sense, it ain 't good morals. Ain 't I right?" (Chapter XII). This quote stated that the robbers explained how they were going to kill the other guy. After that, Huck ran back and told Jim to prepare to release the robber’s boat. As the story progresses, Huck collided into a moral dilemma, where he decided to save the robbers as well. He then ran onto the shore and fetched a person who can save the robbers, using a false persona as usual. Twain wrote this into the story to express how even though a boy, who has been through hardships, can still decide to save people who are a bit on the evil side. By being able to quickly think his way through two obstacles in a relatively quick manner, despite colliding with someone who could have ended his friend’s life, he managed to turn it around in his favor while saving his

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