Huck Finn Racist Analysis

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A great majority of people are upset due to the fact that the Oscars, for the second consecutive year, did not include any people of color in the nominations list for the acting category. Society voiced their opinions’ on the award show, claiming there to be countless African American actors well deserving of an Oscar. Similarly, Mark Twain’s novel is also accused of being racist. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn depicts a story of a young white boy, Huck Finn, helping Jim, an African American slave, get his freedom. Thus, Twain’s novel is not racist.
Miss Watson’s slave, Jim, is being recognized with human qualities. When Huck tricks Jim into believing that the entire situation was a dream, he becomes perturbed. Consequently, Huck is forced
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However, this is because of Tom Sawyer. When Huck provides Tom with an easier plan, Tom states it’s too easy, resulting in Jim becoming the collateral damage: “You can get up the infant-schooliest ways of going at a thing” (Twain 239). Huck tries to get Tom to be more realistic, but Tom’s stubborn personality has Huck’s ideas to be ignored. Tom describes the perfect plan for Jim’s rescue, including rats: “Well, we’ll get you some rats” (Twain 262). Jim disagrees with Tom’s ideas, but Sawyer being just a child and his need for adventure, his plan overpowers. Huck’s true intentions were only to have a safe escape for Jim, therefore, Huck nor Tom should not be blamed for the hardship Jim has to …show more content…
The novel makes a slave into human, has narrator’s thoughts grows along with the readers, and the author writes himself in as not racist, too. The Oscars’ are receiving criticism for being ‘racist’; however, the Oscars’ voting committee did nominate African Americans for other categories and even had the show be hosted by an African American, Chris Rock. Obviously, society is too quick to judge and label ideas or actions as racist with an ignorant and uninformed mentality. The entire picture is being neglected, and because of the small details, items are unjustly labeled as

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