Huck Finn Essay: The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn Essay
Theses- Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can relate to everyone
Road map - Characters, Themes Characters of the book are is what make up the hole book. Without them there would not be anything to a book. Charatoures leads the reader throughout the adventures of a book. The reads of book create relationships with the characters and find similarities with themselves and other.
Huck finn is a 13 year old boy whose clothes are the worn-out rags that no one wants anymore. He does not bath, has no bed, and does not get regular food. He does not attend school or church, and has no responsibilities. All of these thing listed are thing that all of the kids around him have and think is normal. With
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This causes him to learned from the adults around him and from reading romance and adventure novels. He alway want something the right way but the right ways is they way he knows. So that means he thinks that how people do things in book is the right way. Shown perfectly in this quote "It don 't make no difference how foolish it is, it 's the right way—and it 's the regular way. And there ain 't no other way, that ever I heard of, and I 've read all the books that gives any information about these things. They always dig out with a case-knife—and not through dirt, mind you; generly it 's through solid rock. And it takes them weeks and weeks and weeks, and for ever and ever. Why, look at one of them prisoners in the bottom dungeon of the Castle Deef, in the harbor of Marseilles, that dug himself out that way; how long was he at it, you reckon?”(Pg. 184 Ch. 35). But this shows a prat of everyone at times at only believe what they know and everything …show more content…
But in a book the themes has to be relatable and relate to the reader. In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn the themes can relate to anybody at most ages.
Everybody in everyday life has to question is there morality and ethics such as should I copy my friends homework? In the book Huck and Jim asked themselves questions just like everyone else. Shown in this quote, "Please take it," says I, "and don 't ask me nothing—then I won 't have to tell no lies." (chap 4). Huck gave his money to the Judge because he didn 't want his father to have it. Huck knows his would just get drunk with the money and will not use it for anything good. But Huck knows that he might not get his money back and he also knows that he farther might get it in

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