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1. Business strategy influences how the company uses all of the following capitals EXCEPT:
1. Physical capital
2. Financial capital
3. Human capital
4. Internal capital
2. To use _________ to gain a competitive advantage requires linking the company’s human resources practices (such as training and development) to the business strategy.
1. Virtual capital
2. Human capital
3. Financial capital
4. Physical capital
3. This provides employees with immediate access to information, advice, and guidance.
1. Diversification of the learning
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Requires limited human involvement
4. Minimizes interruption of work
9. With respect to person analysis, a major pressure point for training is poor or substandard rewards system:
1. True
2. False
10. Trainees need to understand what specifically they are expected to learn in the training program.
1. True
2. False
11. Regardless of the training methods, all of the following are some of the conditions which must be present for learning to occur, EXCEPT:
1. Providing opportunities for trainees to practice and receive feedback
2. Conducting guest lectures and involving established trainers
3. Identifying any prerequisites that trainees need to successfully complete the program
4. Allowing trainees to learn through observation and experience.
12. This includes specialized knowledge that employees need in their jobs.
1. Intellectual skills
2. Attitudes
3. Verbal information
4. Motor skills
13. This relates to the learner’s decision regarding what information to attend, how to remember and how to solve programs
1. Cognitive strategies
2. Intellectual skills
3. Attitudes
4. Verbal information
14. Pedagogy gives the instructor major responsibility for making decisions about learning content, method, and evaluation
1. True
2. False
15. Seating arrangement at the training site should be based on an understanding of the desired type of trainee interaction and trainee-trainer interaction.
1. True
2. False

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