How Writing Implements Have Dramatically Changed Throughout History

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Writing implements have dramatically changed throughout history. (Figure 2) The first recorded writing implement was a bronze or bone tool that was used to scratch a moist clay tablet around 4000 BC. (Ringpen, 2007) From here, many iterations and improvements were made, allowing us the privilege of the pens we take for granted each and every day. Between 1800 and 1950, the greatest developments were made in pens, with three main pens being invented, and improved. Therefore, these will be investigated further to fully understand the changes they underwent to become the pens we know today. These three pens were the Steel Pen, The Fountain Pen, and the Ballpoint Pen. These are the most familiar pens to people these days, while also showing the most radical development over the years. Perhaps the most important predecessor to these pens, was the quill pen which was used extensively before the invention of the steel pen and the fountain pen, and was an important basis for many of the new designs to come.
Figure 1. Timeline of Writing Implements Throughtout History. (Kapri, 2013)
The steel pen, which was the successor to the previously popular quill, was gradually presented to the world over fifty years. It was made in 1780 by Samuel Harrison, an Englishman, for Joseph Priest, a chemist and was made of sheet steel, rolled into a tube. The point of the implement and the shaft of the pen were a singular part that was inseparable. This design was…

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