How Wind Turbines Generate Wind Essay

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It was anticipated that the smaller blades will produce the most power because the shorter it is, the lighter the mass of the blade will be, therefore it will be easier for the wind to manipulate its movement. Wind Turbines are constructed to be proportionally large because it’s expected to capacitate above the Earth’s surface, where the wind is predicted to be more powerful. Since the blades in the experiment were all at the same level, and the air was pretty much controlled, the large rotors didn’t get a lot of power because the blades weight was heavier than the rest. This was expected due to the calculation that the mass of the rotors or propellers will be easier for the wind to manipulate as it is short and light. If an object like a rotor, is placed in the direction of the wind, it will propel the rotor, transmitting its own energy of motion to the blade. This is the process on how turbines generate wind. The lighter the mass of the blade the easier it is for the wind to push it and generate energy. It will be easier for the contraption to convert kinetic energy to electrical, therefore producing more energy than the rest.The size of blade that produced the most power was the smallest rotor. Out of the three, the smallest blade produced 1.636 mW whilst the blue blade (medium) made 0.924 and the red blade (largest) only made 0.202 mW. The graph also manifest these scientific findings, by showing the large contrast in power from sizes. How fast it blows and how often…

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