Essay about How Waterfall Development Is Software Development Model

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10 Things about Waterfall Development that Everyone Hates
Waterfall development is software development model. With this model, there is a designated progression of actions that are taken throughout the time that software is being developed up until the time that the software is released.
This system is one that has been in existence for several years. For the most part, it is made up of six distinct phases:
1. Requirements analysis
2. Design
3. Implementation
4. Testing
5. Installation
6. Maintenance
One thing about waterfall development is that it is a fairly controversial process. Many developers will agree that there are many aspects of this system that simply do not work well. In fact, below you will find 10 things that everyone hates about waterfall development.
1. Limited Flexibility
Arguably one of the biggest drawbacks of this system is the fact that it has not been designed to offer flexibility. When software is being created, there are times when the customer isn 't completely sure of what they truly need. Unfortunately, knowing what is needed up front is the basis behind the first phase of this system.
2. Inaccurate Financial Planning
Another issue that is huge for developers who choose the waterfall development plan is that it is extremely difficult to determine how much time and cost will be needed to implement the software. Since the requirements are to be laid out beforehand, this can be an incredibly inaccurate process.
3. Projects become Difficult

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