Pros And Cons Of Agile Methodology

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Discuss your experience with Agile methods, be sure to include both positive and negatives. Do you think a company should dictate the methodology that is used? Make sure you backup your answer with evidence (examples, lectures, books, outside information).
In my past and current jobs in IT field I have experienced agile scrum methodology. It has its pros and cons:

• The advantages of the agile methodology that I have encountered are that it helps in a way that the team will be aware of some issue with the project early on and they can correct it before the turnover. One of my examples that I can recall was my last project where there were issues with the VUI design and needed to change it with newer versions and
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How has the emergence of Agile influenced Waterfall? Is Waterfall still relevant with the growing popularity of Agile?
• Waterfall was around for quite a long time as classic approach the SDLC ( systems development life cycle) before agile came along. Agile has been seeing as the solution of waterfall where it fall short most likely as solution to a waterfall methodology problems. Waterfall methodology move through steps of concept such as analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation and maintenance while Agile methodology allow reflections or revisions of a project through series of sprints. Waterfall is still relevant when the client know what to expect meaning size, cost, and time of the project. Agile is for project where there are doubt in all the areas. In overtime we will see the shrinking of waterfall over Agile methodology because it doesn’t give us the flexibility to change the initial requirements but agile give us the flexibility to go back and change something that was not well thought out in the concept
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This is the story of the 100,000 Live Campaign sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and it’s CEO, Dr. Donald Berwick. This was a successful campaign to reduce the number of deaths caused by infections caught during a hospital stay. Why was this campaign successful? What did Berwick do right in his campaign? How did Berwick motivate the doctors and nurses to change their behavior?

• Yes the campaign was successful because Don Berwick with his personal had convinced thousands of hospitals to change their behavior and at the end the project save more that 100,000 lives. Berwick projects the change he want to see happening. Berwick managed to align his campaign with his company strategic plan. Only thing he did it is to change the mind of the its worker and point to the goal, which is accelerate healthcare improve for hospital patients. In order to bring the doctors and nurses on board he needed to point to a leadership, which bring more hospital to sign up for the program. Berwick acknowledge that their is issue in the health care system and address that to doctor and Nurse, so by doing so change their mind that to react and do the right thing meaning at that moment doctor and nurse were ready to do something about it. What make this so special is that Berwick shaped the path so it is easy

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