How Was The American Revolution Justified

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The American Revolution was a war for independence between the American colonists and the oppressive British monarchy in the late 1770’s. King George of Great Britain ruled over his colonies from across the sea and imposed rules and regulations that upset the colonists. When the colonists complained about the unfair taxes, rules, and conditions, he responded with tyranny and violence. The colonists reacted to this by holding protests, forming groups, and ultimately drafting the Declaration of Independence. Considering the values of the American colonists and the policies of Great Britain, the colonists were justified in waging war against Great Britain.

Firstly, one of the biggest complaints the colonists had was about being taxed unfairly. With such Acts as the Stamp Act and the Tea Act, the colonists became more and more upset with the taxation of everyday necessities. In document 2, an excerpt from Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania by John Dickinson, Dickinson explains his feelings about
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With more Acts like the Townshend and Quartering Act, British soldiers forced themselves into the lives and homes of colonists. In Document 12, which is an except of The Declaration of Independence, it is stated that King George had past history of constant injuries to his subjects and taking whatever he wants from them. Even after filing complaints, the colonists did not get what they asked for, instead, King George responded with violence. For instance, when looking at Document 4 which is the engraving titled Bloody Massacre by Paul Revere, we see the British soldiers shooting at defenseless colonists. Although this is an exaggeration of what really happened, this etching caused a lot of anger and tension. This event has been called the Boston Massacre and helped spark the start of the Revolutionary

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