How Wars Has Impacted By World War I Essay

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Wars have huge impacts on the nations involved, oftentimes remodelling the nation’s foundational ideology. World War One, was a devastating event, however, it turned out to be a catalyst for change in American society. The political changes that occurred as a result of World War One had incredible implications for the future of America. The social changes in America promoted equality and changed America 's views, and morals. Finally, the economic changes significantly promoted America’s economic status. In general, American society was greatly impacted by World War One, due to the change in American ideology.
To start, America’s political ideology changed drastically due to the public’s change of opinion. Americans were irritated that they kept on being brought into European problems, and losing many men and women due to conflicts that did not even affect them. For instance, the Election of 1920 strongly portrayed how Americans were feeling: “By their votes, Americans made clear they were tired of sacrificing lives and money to solve other people 's problems. They just wanted to live their own lives and make their own country a better place”. The desire to be isolated from conflict led to a belief in the concept of foreign neutrality; where the United States would stay neutral in disputes between foreign countries. These feelings of bitterness towards Europe led to the United States foregoing the League of Nations, “The US refused to join the League of Nations.…

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