Essay How War World 2 Happens

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Throughout my Education years, I’ve always wondered if the schools that I attended, will I really learn everything about America history? I feel like the school system has been hiding so much that they think we as students should not know about. I even noticed that some teachers or even most teachers do not like to teach the curriculum that was given. I remember reading my history textbook about the Holocaust and my teacher would get mad at the text because not all the information that happened in the past were not given. My teacher even suggested that there is more things that were left untold by the government. After school, I would go use my mother laptop and search in more information on the textbook and about the Holocaust, there were things that I could not believe. There were many theories and suggestions on how War World 2 happens, how Hitler became to power and what did the Nazis do to not only Jews, but more other people. In my head, I questioned the higher power of the education system and ask why wouldn’t they put this stuff into our text book? will it be too much for us as students to bear and understand? Are there even more secrets that the government are hiding the school system for us to learn? We may not be able to handle the truth, but we as students should know the history on why certain events happened and I expect in the future schools that the information would be given for my children to know the truth.
Reading the article, The Horrifying American…

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