How to Write an Ethics Case Essay

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Ethics Review
Short Answer Questions

Table of Contents Hosmer, Chapter 1 3 Sexty, Chapter 1 3 Sexty, Chapter 2 6 Sexty, Chapter 3 9 Sexty, Chapter 4 12

Hosmer, Chapter 1

Identify and explain the individual determinants of moral standards * Personal goals * Expectations of outcomes * Things we want out of life and things we expect others want out of life too * Material possessions, lifestyle preferences, personal goods, social aims * Personal norms * Expectations of behaviour * Ways we expect to act and expect others to act * Norms are expectations, morals are gauges * Personal beliefs * Expectations of thought * Beliefs support norms,
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* Freedom of association doctrine best describes modern corporations * Association of individuals coming together for some purpose (to make profits) * This doctrine is a right, however, it comes with greater responsibility and accountability to society * Society expects modern corporations to operate for the better benefit of society * Corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, etc.
List and discuss five factors influencing attitudes toward Canadian

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