How To Save A Wedding Essay

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While it can be exciting to get engaged and start planning your wedding, weddings can also quickly get expensive. Between renting the venues for the ceremony and the reception, buying flowers, hiring a caterer, buying decorations, and paying for other wedding-related items, the expenses can quickly begin to feel overwhelming. If you are looking for ways to save money on wedding expenses, you may want to consider starting with your wedding dress. Luckily, there are several ways you can save money on a wedding dress.
Buy Used
There are a variety of reasons why a woman may decide to sell her wedding dress. Sometimes, she decides since she only wore it once, she might as well sell it to make money. Other times, she may sell it if she is unable to return it after a cancelled wedding or if she purchased a
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The good news is that if you buy the dress on sale through a bridal shop, the company will likely do the alterations for the same price as they charge for non-sale wedding dresses.
Skip the Wedding Dress
While skipping the wedding dress is not an option some women would even consider, it is a great option for other women. Wear a dress you already own. Buy a new non-traditional wedding dress. Get married in whatever you want to wear. It is your wedding day. While traditionally women wear a wedding dress, there is no reason you must wear one if you prefer another option.
Of course, if you have your perfect wedding dress already picked out in your head, you may be unable to save money on your dress. If that is the case, look for other ways you can cut wedding expenses. Host your reception in your best friend’s backyard. Have your sister make the wedding cake. Cut back on the guest list. Overall, if you find your wedding expenses going over your budget, it is important to figure out how and where you can cut

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