Analysis Of The Article: How The Wolf Became The Dog

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-How The Wolf Became The Dog-
Do you ever wonder how the friendship between dog and man all began?
Around 35,000 years ago on planet Earth, many things were different unlike today. Men and wolves would fight for food and survival . Earth was a harsh environment, do to the fact that it was very cold at that time period. In addition to these harsh environments a friendship grew between wolves and man.
-The Understanding-
Scientists have started to grow and understanding of how this friendship between dog and man grew to be at that time. It says in the article “How the wolf became the dog”, “There are many mysteries. One thing is certain though: All dogs share a common on ancestors, the gray wolf.”(How the wolf became the dog). In this line it shows that wolves were in our past, and that now they have evolved into what is known as the modern-day dog. Unlike our cute and fluffy dogs today, your dog Stuffy would have eaten your face off in the past. Scientist say that the reason why this friendship all started was when a brave, bold wolf decided to eat humans food scraps. Which allowed that wolf to breed
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George Washington even planned Revolutionary battles with his dog names Sweet Lips. It says in the article “How the dog became the wolf “, “Ancient Greek shepherds used herding dogs to manage their sheep. Roman warriors marched into battle alongside fierce war dogs”(How the dog became the wolf). With this bond between dog and man growing over time, dogs began to become more to people's lives and humans grew more feeling towards dogs. Around 90 million people have a pet dog. Dogs were the first domesticated animals to be bred and raised among humans. Around 35,000 years ago the humans were fighting for our lives with those dogs, your dog fluffy would have eaten your face of 35,000 years ago. This bond all started with a brave, bold

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