How The Shroud Of Turin Can Help One Reflect On One 's Faith Essay

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How the Shroud of Turin can help one Reflect on one’s Faith
The Shroud of Turin is an iconic relic that may invoke Christians to objectively examine their faith. Because of the nature of the Shroud, Christians and scientists alike grapple with its secret. If the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Christ, something magnificent happened to the body within that Shroud. Investigating the Shroud of Turin encourages a Christian to reflect on his/her faith by looking at Trenn’s description of the Shroud, examining the dating methods of the Shroud of Turin, and acknowledging the mystery within the Shroud that cannot be explained by science.
In Trenn’s article he gives explicit descriptions of the Shroud of Turin which invokes ones imagination and thus causes one to reflect on Jesus. Trenn explains that the Shroud of Turin is a piece of material which measures over 14 feet long and over three foot wide, and is thought to be the garment that Christ was wrapped in after the crucifixion (Trenn, 1997). Trenn gives great attention in explaining this artifact in his article and uses photographs to give precise imagery. The Shroud is famous for its mysterious and haunting illusion of a picture of a crucified man hidden in its fibers. The Shroud of Turin is so exclusive because burial shrouds of this kind usually do not hold an image of the person wrapped within it (Trenn, 1997). The 3D quality of the Shroud is still unexplainable, having an image on top but the blood…

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