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However, she has no problem understanding the character of Juliet as the two of them have quite many similarities – like Juliet, Tess wants to follow her dreams and yearns for a life far away from her parents and their expectations: “Both my parents think that after college I will come back and take over Mother’s fabric store, but they have no idea. If I could leave now I would do it in a flash […] Instead, I have to sleep in a pink satin bedroom designed by my mother”3. Tess feels trapped in a world controlled by her parents and fears the future they seem to have decided for her. Her description of Juliet applies to herself as well: “Ruled by her parents and led by her heart.”4 To create excitement in her boring world, she undertakes the role of Juliet and assigns some of the other characters to the people around her. To Tess, Tiger De Soto, who plays the Apothecary in the play, represents the character of Romeo – though he is marijuana selling troubled kid, Tess’ idea of him is far more romantic; he is a guy with the guts to stand up to moral codes and break free from his parents and the monotony of daily life. She develops a crush on him while talking to him on the phone about rehearsals being cancelled because of the weather: “There’s four miles of hard packed snow between us but I’ve never felt so close”5. He plays the guitar on his end and Tess listens
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