How The Issues Of Sexual Health, Education And Family All Affect The Lives Of Young People

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This article’s main focus is how the issues of sexual health, education and family all affect the lives of young people. The fieldwork was conducted with observations and interviews from teenagers, teachers, and sexuality educators in the United States and those in Denmark. It is said that the United States has the highest teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted disease rates. Also, the U.S. is the highest in funding abstinence-until-marriage programs. The fieldwork that has been taken place took over a year to gather information. The young people and the teachers along with the sex educators from Roskilde, Denmark and central Pennsylvania were all analyzed and questioned. It is interesting to say that the Danish and American teens have very similar thoughts and patters of sexual activity. But, of course, the Danish teens had a much lower rate of abortion, STDs, and teen pregnancy. Ever since the presidency of Bush, there has been an increase in these abstinence-only programs. For example, the cost increased from 39 million dollars to about 205.5 million dollars. The programs have expanded rapidly and about a 50 percent increase in the funding. Even though the U.S. teenage pregnancy rates have decreased sine the 1990’s, about 34 percent of teen girls have gotten pregnant at least once before they reached the age of 20. This results to about 850,000 pregnancies a year. This is why the United States has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy. Along with that, there…

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