Essay on How The Image Of The Black Male?

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What would I do to improve the image of the black male?

What will I do to improve the image of the black male? Well , since I am a black male myself, I will do my best to improve the image of black males. But first let me tell you how African American males are badly represented. Regardless , if we believe in ourselves or not. Most people just believe the stereotype that they see on television. Black males are slandered on all forms of media. Very rarely do you see the good things that black males do.

That will change, because like we always do ,we will rise above it. We have to be the difference that we want to see. We have to show them that we are more than criminal, gangsters, and thugs. If you wanted to look at a black man that 's doing positive things, a role model would be Will Smith. He has surpassed any goal that was ever set for him.

We have to also taken into consideration that black males are put down because society just wants to see them fail. I hate to say it, but we have allowed them to think that way for far too long. What I have done to promote a positive image of the African American male is work and organize things for this program called BME. It stands for Black Male Engagement. I worked with Dr.Truman Hudson. My fellow interns and I hit the street to get signatures, emails, and numbers. To have not just African Americans, but every race and gender join a network where we could promote a positive image for the African…

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