How The English Language Has So Many Variations All Over The World

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The English language has so many variations all over the world, a handful just within the United States. The west coast or more specifically California has the typical "valley girl" vernacular. While on the far east coast of Massachusetts there is the Boston accent. In the south where there are majority people of color the vernacular starts to mostly generalize to form a “southern accent”. This southern accent is what people generalize as “ghetto” and the way majority of black people talk. "you talk black" is what is often told to non-people of color who speak this way. I do not speak this way, so as you can imagine the ridicule I get from not only nonpeople of color but from people of my own ethnicity as well.
I grew up in a small suburb on the outskirts of Los Angeles called Walnut. I was born to a Mexican mother and a Black father. To some, I would appear racial ambiguous but to most, they make the connection that I have a least some black in me and follow the "one drop rule". Which basically means that even if I have one drop of black in me then I am considered black. This is a term that in many other countries is completely outrageous but here in the United States is very much still used. Growing up I attended nationally ranking schools in the city which provided me with the best education. My family is very assimilated as I am 5th generation American and because of this I speak with proper English and I do not fit the stereotype for the way black people speak. Going…

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