How The Economy Affects The Lives Of The Young And The Old Until

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All throughout our lives there will be multiple obligations that deal with currency. The currency or money is what will run the lives of the young and the old until the day they die. What money revolves around is also what our lives will be condemned by and controlled by, the economy . The economy is part of everyday life; it has its hands in everything, every aspect of life, every object and anything worthwhile. It is rare to find a child who understands the economy until it is time to grow up and buy a house or buy a car that they really need/want. Depending on the stock market, how high or low certain stocks may be, the economy can thrive or drop rapidly. In truth, the economy controls the lives of everyone and everything they own or are a part of in life. Though for the economy to have any power, the people must give it power by feeding it and by buying more and more into it. It is all just a transaction back and forth between entities, and the more the transactions are made the more the economy grows and controls. Buy a house and its value can rise or fall and it is all up to the bank 's anyone invests in.The economy will always control the money and the way lives are lived; the only way out is through hard work. In the first place, it is money that runs the world starting with food and ending when the money restarts its process in Wall Street. Money buys the houses, clothing, cars, and everything else people need to survive. With this, the money gets dragged in and…

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