Essay on How The Americas Change?

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How The Americas Change
The Americas are forever changing, like the tide of the sea they ebb and flow sometimes in ways more prosperous than others yet retaining that fascinating pattern that is still so true to its nature. In America we endeavor for change, most of the time we strive for positive change, modification and transformations that will ultimately improve our country and the lives of our citizens. We are consistent in the very fact that we wish to advance our society and to go boldly into the future. As a relatively young nation we have made quite the name for ourselves and have already left our mark on the world. Some may see us as villains and criminals, others as heroes. It is truly all about perspective and what one believes is right and moral in this world. As a nation we were founded on Christian beliefs and that every man and woman deserves the right to pursue life, liberty, and their own form of happiness. While the way this belief looks and has been played out over the years has been very different, it has remained anchored in our hearts. The hearts of the citizens. The hearts of true Americans. As a nation we have gone through definite rough patches. We have seen war, tragedy, closed-minded people and politicians. We have witnessed brutality and as time has marched on it has taken different shapes and forms. We live, I believe, in a broken world. We fight over land, over beliefs, over values, and over principles. Yet we continue to confidently search…

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