How Technology Is Changing Our Minds Essay

1710 Words Dec 6th, 2016 7 Pages
“Social Media in the World”
In today’s world, most of what we do is, or can be done, through technology. When people think about the use of technology they normally connect it to social media and being able to communicate with one another with the touch of a button. Clive Thompson, the author of “Smarter than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better”, thinks that the use of new technology is a good thing. Thompson talks about how computers can out smart humans because they are able to make quick decisions and they understand how we operate giving them the upper hand. While Thompsons idea does not talk about the over use of social media it just gives us an understanding of how smart new technology is. With all of the hype about new technology it is very exciting to think about what they will create next or what is going to be the next social media site. As this new technology is being created most of what we do on these new machines normally leads to being on some type of social media. We have to think, are we using too much social? There are some positive aspects of the use of social media but the negative out weights the good.
Social media has made the way we communicate completely different from how we use to. Being able to reach anyone with the touch of a button is very convenient and makes it easier to get ahold people. With being able to be connected at any time allows people to strengthen relationships. Brittany Walker expresses in her…

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