Essay about How Technology Has Truly Made Our World

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Throughout this past module, I have been open to the aspect of how technology has truly made our world a smaller place. Back a hundred years ago, they would not have been able to communicate with people across the globe as easily as we can today. This has affected the work force, governments, and even schools. With the world being more interconnected, more people are immigrating to the United States, and that has us wondering: what is globalization and how do we adapt our teaching methods to meet the needs of those students who are directly impacted? “Globalization has become a catchphrase to refer to both the process and consequences of shrinking distances between places on this planet” (Zhao, 2010, p.422). There have been multiple changes to politics, economics, communications, and mobility. The change to mobility has directly affected the classrooms because more families are immigrating, and now teachers are adapting their teaching to fit the needs of the students in the classroom and the changing world. Globalization calls for preparing globally competitive citizens, “what is needed for Americans to be globally competitive is something different: creativity, diversity of talents, critical-thinking skills, entrepreneurship, right-brain directed skills, global competences, and a host of other abilities and knowledge not included in the current curriculum and testing” (Zhao, 2010, p.426). When reading this quote, I have realized that a lot of what Zhao is calling for, is…

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