How Technology Has Shaped Us Essay

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In the past two centuries the world has known great advances in all technological fields and along with them, our lives have gone through a defining transformation. However, nowadays, when we think of how technology has shaped us, we rarely think of its involvement in the, once essential, relationship between people and land. The 18th century industrial revolution changed the world in so many ways, but the subsequent advances in agriculture and mass production have allowed our modern civilization to evolve and be prosper. According to Giovanni Federico (2009) “The whole history of agriculture can be construed as a long term process of the diffusion of plants and animals from one or several "original" locations, to the whole world”. Before the beginning of hybridization and the development of agricultural machines, the only way of re-creating a certain agricultural environment was to transport the seeds and animals from one point to another. However this process didn’t always prove to be successful due to the different climates, hence people were forced to find other ways of growing the same product, which back then meant importing a different species of the same seed, one which has proven to resist in the certain climate. Regardless, this method of biological innovation through worldwide transfer was bound to reach a limit. Thus the world needed a more promising method. The first hibridization experiments date back to the late 1800s and its first success was recorded in the…

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