How Technology Has Shaped Us Over Time Essay

1441 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
Since the beginnings of mankind human beings have thrived on new ideas, curiosities, and inventions. Technology has shaped us over time more than anything else has in this world. People become attached to different objects that improve their lives and even in some cases ruin them. Having a nice home, a nice car, the coolest clothes, the most money, things like these are what motivate a lot of people in today’s world. All of these different types of objects make people feel valuable, privileged, and powerful. People are addicted because they want the best for themselves and their loved ones. But is there a point in which one can take their love for material objects to far? Materialistic views are running rampant throughout our world and are only starting to control more and more of our population and youth. For most human beings from birth we are taught to love material items. Children’s parents and grandparents shower them with toys, games, clothing, and now days a lot of technology. We become obsessed with certain objects and glorify the idea of them. They become a big part of our lives and shape our personalities. A lot of times material items can better peoples lives and help things run way more smoothly. But glorifying a material object is only ok to a certain extent. Owning material objects is a good feeling. I can say I feel proud to have a nice cell phone, nice clothes, a T.V, etc. I worked hard for a lot of the things I own. But never could I let these things come…

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