Essay How Technology Has Changed The World

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First, I would like to say that the topic I chose is very interesting and in fact I really like this topic. Before choosing my topic I had rough idea about what CRISPR was and how it was being used in recent times to engineer everything around us by small steps. Before my research findings I had an idea what CRISPR was such as how it was being used around the world on modifying genes, and engineering new species by deleting or replacing the genes that were unwanted by that organism. What I knew about CRISPR includes just main things such as how it works and basic genome sequences it would manipulate. I however did not know too much information about it since it is relatively a new topic and new discoveries being coming to light daily. Therefore I did my research and chose this topic in order to get a better knowledge about a technology that will change the world in the future. There were a few things I had in mind before I started my research and acquired better knowledge about my topic. When we’re talking about human genome we’re talking about genes that are responsible for everything that is visible (hair, eye color, height and so on), but the main question is it possible in order to manipulate or change them and get the desired genes we want? I was very skeptical about the fact of changing our genes or even other living organisms. I assumed it was impossible since we cannot physically get what we desire. My first source “Editing the mushroom” had very interesting facts…

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