Essay about How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Within the past 10,000 years, the advancement in technology has progressed dramatically. As technological innovations increased in production, the mind of humans became increasingly slothful. We’ve become too dependent on how easy the Internet gives us our answers to insoluble questions. Our brains have consequently changed the way information is decoded thus, altering the way we learn. Skimming through large amounts of information has 90 percent of us left with digital amnesia. Our dependency of the internet has caused us to become less self-reliant.
At the same time, we have been given a vast amount of retainable resources which relatively can enhance our intelligence. Not only has technology allowed us to obtain and preserve information easier, but it has also allowed communication to be effortless as well. Text messages and emails allows us to interconnect effectively and efficiently but communicating through technology has created a barrier that isn’t present when speaking face to face. People who use technology as their primary source of communication may find it hard to participate in normal conversations. Although technology has allowed the world to progress as a whole, it has set back humans socially and psychologically.
From eReaders to online newspapers, the Internet is registering an initial impact on the ways people read for information. According to Nicholas Carr of the Atlantic, it actually may have rewired the human brain. Carr’s article “Is Google Making…

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