How Technology Changed Music Essay

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Won Ho
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How Technology Changed Music John Covach, the author of What’s That Sound, distinguishes the cultural elements of pop-culture/music within four distinct categories: social, race, business, and technology. Without a doubt, all four of these traits within pop-culture have been evolving and changing ever since the emergence of any pop-culture. The cultural themes of the always-changing society, business, and technology have indefinitely changed pop-culture and vice-versa. In my essay, I want to discuss how the technology and the evolution of technology affected the growth and modernization of popular music. Undoubtedly, the most important technological achievement for the music industry was
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Throughout the time period from the 20th to the 21st century, technological advancements allowed the creation of various “music boxes.” As today’s popular format might be mp3s and digital music players, a lot of different technologies have came and gone. From Thomas Edison’s phonograph to today’s wireless headphones, there have been other music players and listening devices such as the gramophone, cassette player, CD player, vinyl turntable, and the list just goes on and on (Amale16). But as technology improves with societal advancements, there’s a reason why the musical technology have kept on changing and how it’s been influential for making the standards for music recordings higher. In 1948, LPs, Long Playing records, were invented in America and Colombia Records released the first LP. After the first couples of years of the LP’s emergence, there were records of different sizes and revolution speeds. By 1955 however, the 12 inch 33-1/3rpm LP became the most popular and the industry standard. And by 1955, musical recordings of all genres and artists were accessible and affordable by thousands of people. Yet, it only took technology less than a decade before even LPs became outdated. The Phillips Company introduced the cassette tape in 1963 and it became a success. As technology improves as society improves, there was a reason behind the cassette’s success. For one, it was smaller, lighter, and portable. You could listen to music on the go and you

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