How Task Switching And How Much Attention Essay

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Task switching is a habit that every individual has partaken in from time to time. Whether it be when someone is trying to do homework and listen to music or watch television and eat. Individuals most likely do not realize when they are performing two tasks at once. The current review provides a summary of previous research on this topic. First, the review will focus on the background of task switching, such as what it is. Second, it will focus on how the task switching works and how much attention is allocated to each task. In the final and third part of the review, it will focus on how task switching is affected while performing different tasks. Task Switching: A Review When the time calls for an individual to perform two tasks at once, also known as multi-tasking or task switching, that person is able to do those things decently. However, some may say that they are better at multi-tasking than others because they are able to perform each task at a better efficiency. Task switching can include every sort of task, such as: driving while putting on make-up, texting and driving, texting and walking, etc. However, even though individuals are capable of performing two tasks at once does not mean that they should. It has been researched whether or not there is an impairment of other senses. For example, Hyman, Wise, McKenzie, and Caggiano (2010) performed a study where they tried to see if individuals would notice a clown riding on a unicycle around the quad on a university…

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