How Successful Was Jefferson 's Effort Help Create A Republican Democratic?

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“Looking Ahead”
1. How successful was Jefferson’s effort to create a “republican” society dominated by sturdy, independent farmers?
As a Republican, he wanted to help American citizens, especially farmers to receive education. In the begging of 1800 America increased from nine colleges and universities to twenty-one. To continue with this idea, Jefferson wanted the country to be more involved with medicine and science, thus the first American medical school is from the University of Pennsylvania. Jefferson, wanted to limit federal government power, and allow states to have more power. Overall, his goals were not successful to promote education due to the fact, women could not receive the same amount of education as men. The other reason is due to the fact cities and economy was increase, there was no way federal government power was going to have limited powers.

3. What events and issues led to the War of 1812?
The events and issues that led to the War of 1812 issues resolving the British. Brinkley states, “British claimed the right to stop and search American merchant ships (although at first non naval vessels) and reimpress deserters (203).” Americans did not understand why the British believed they had to the right to check America’s ships, if Britain no longer controls America. One of example of this is the Chesapeake-Leonard incident of the summer of 1807, which American commander, James Barron, did not want the British to check their ship, and the British fired…

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